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Treat Yourself:

  • Transportation to and from airport to resort.
  • Sourcing of organic seasonal produce for your use.
  • Opening or closing party
  • Party(Birthday Anniversary, Reunion)
  • Private massage on site
  • Private facial on site
  • Yoga sessions with a private instructor
  • Reiki sessions with a private instructor

Excursions to some of the best destinations in Baja:

  • Wine Country
  • Boating
  • La Bufadora

More Excursions

Choose from three delicious meal plans:

Vegan Cuisine for the Squeamish: Burgers, Pizza and Tacos… Oh my!! If you think eating vegan means chomping on raw celery sticks, think again baby!

Spa Cuisine: Our Spa Cuisine is light, lively and lower in calories, yet it’s still big, REALLY BIG, on flavor!

Detox Cuisine: Want a fail-proof way to reboot and slim down? These tasty treats will reset your craving and release those pounds – for good!

More Cuisine

Raw Vegan and Vegan cooking classes:

  • Fermented Foods. Mild and spicy fermented foods that will take your health to a whole new level.
  • Cheeses. Learn to create a wide range of raw nut and seed cheeses that look and taste like the dairy counterparts.
  • Kombucha. Master this fuzzy fermented elixir that is delicious and healthy.
  • Ice Creams. Using alternative sweeteners, novel methods and creative flavor combinations, you’ll learn everything you need to learn about creating those creamy ice creams and frozen desserts.

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