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Sano Bay Resort is nestled on a peninsula off the Pacific Coast of Northern Baja California, Mexico. Our 5600 square foot resort with 6 bedrooms – 5 master suites and private massage room provides the better of two worlds, Mountain and Beach views.

“To know Tina Jo is to know her soul. It shines bright she couldn’t dull its brilliance if she tried, because it is authentic true and sincere. I know all who enter the doors of Sano Bay Resort will leave forever changed. Healthy, mindful, strong and encouraged to leave a footprint(s) of positive change, as she and Dawn are. I can’t wait to experience her passion for food as well as nuzzle up to all the beautiful animals who know thrive under the loving care of this incredible family.”

Gina Mcnew

Staging Professional

How Sano Bay started. Why horses, why vegan and why aquaponics?

Driving through the farmlands one sunny afternoon, Dawn spotted a severely underweight horse covered with scars and sores. After much negotiating with his owner, Dawn purchased him and brought him home. As the gentle giant fell asleep with his head cradled in Tina Jo’s lap, she asserted what a lover-boy he was and that became the name of the pair’s first rescue. Seeing him at such peace, Dawn realized that rescuing suffering animals, like Loverboy, was her calling in Mexico.

Dawn and Tina Jo had obtained the acreage and began to add to their rescued flock: more horses, some goats, and even an aging blind mule. After the loss of Promise, a severely injured mare, Dawn and Tina Jo realized they needed to do something more and that is when Tina Jo’s Promise was born. It is located within the property of Sano Bay Resort. There, you can enjoy time with the rescued animals, find peace and be inspired – in fact, if you’re looking for Dawn, that’s where you’ll find her.

Giving Back…

We all can make a difference for animals in our everyday lives, whether it’s by adopting a pet, choosing clean and safe products that have not been tested on animals or eating a kind diet. Everything we do or don’t do has an impact.

That is why we have decided that everyone staying at Sano Bay Resort will impact animals in a positive manner! Each stay at Sano Bay Resort will have 20% of the total price donated to Tina Jo’s Promise Equine Rescue.

Not only will you have a memorable experience at Sano Bay Resort, you will have left a footprint on the heart of these animals, many of whom have faced unspeakable cruelties.

“If you want a taste of paradise, Sano Bay Resort is the perfect retreat for you. Beautiful beaches, healthy cooking, Wellness Center and more… Yet what is unique about this resort is the adjoining horse rescue. With love, dedication and care Dawn and Tina Jo Stephens give abused, injured, undernourished, sick and old animals a second chance in life. You will be enlightened by the love and respect surrounding this place. You will share unforgettable moments with these beautiful and sweet animals who were lucky to find Dawn and Tina Jo on their path.”

Madeleine Balcer

Animal Communicator

Inspiration is truly at the heart of the Sano Bay Resort

That is apparent with the very first phone call. The energy that Tina Jo puts forth is infectious. Due to the passion, faith and tenacity that she has put into every venture throughout her life, this resort is nothing short of amazing. Her vision of a resort was created out of necessity – Tina Jo was looking to host her own retreats and found few possibilities. Out of frustration, she and Dawn put their heads together and decided to create a space with all their favorite things, in hopes that they would become yours as well.

Chef Tina Jo Stephens has been thoroughly invested in helping people on their wellness journey and brings it all to the Sano Bay Resort to share it with you. She has written twelve vegan recipe books, created countless Wellness programs, sought out the best possible Health and Home Products, and now her vision and dream at Sano Bay Resort is available to you. She is more than excited to meet you and share her knowledge and expertise, along with use of the vegan kitchen and/or enjoy her own privately prepared meals, with you.

Why Aquaponics?

Aquaponics seems like a crazy option for two vegan girls, yet it works! Dawn was the mastermind in bringing this system to the table. The couple has had the traditional organic soil garden for years. Yet when looking at the big picture and their personal goals for helping their community, aquaponics was a no-brainer.

When interviewed, Tina Jo said, “I struggled with this idea at first, and I know Dawn did too. Yet with this combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics we get an abundance of organic produce and use up to 98% less water; it’s sustainable and allows us to feed those that would normally go hungry. And once we start teaching this, well I’m sure you have heard the proverb, Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. This is that, in action!

To learn more about this dynamic pair, check out TinaJosPromise.org or ChefTinaJo.com.

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