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Nestled on a peninsula…

off the Pacific Coast of Northern Baja, our spacious 5600 square foot resort boasts 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms,
and a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces suited to a variety of purposes.

Sano Bay Resort is the ideal location for:

Inspiration is truly at the heart…

of the Sano Bay Resort. That is apparent with the very first phone call. The energy that Tina Jo puts forth is infectious. Due to the passion, faith and tenacity that she has put into every venture throughout her life, this resort is nothing short of amazing.

Her vision of a resort was created out of necessity – Tina Jo was looking to host her own retreats and found few possibilities. Out of frustration, she and Dawn put their heads together and decided to create a space with all their favorite things, in hopes that they would become yours as well.

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“I’ve known and have worked with Tina Jo and Dawn Stephens for many years. They are both the most amazing, integrity based individuals I know. Whether it is through educating people on living a healthy, balanced life, or how to make and eat healthy foods, they put their whole hearts into what they do. Now with the Sano Bay Resort, all that love, wisdom and warmth is available to you and your tribe, helping you to connect and share in a beautiful location, filled with plant-based foods and the most amazing hosts!”

Jody Colvard

Producer and CEO of Voices of Women Media

Customize your experience…

with your own personalized selection of luxury amenities:

Every experience unique.

Our guests love their personalized stay at Sano Bay Resort:

“Tina Jo and Dawn have outdone themselves once again! I’ve known Tina Jo for years, in fact, she helped me overcome, and now thrive after, cancer. If you’re looking to enjoy the most delectable and healthiest gourmet vegan cuisine and its peace, privacy, and health you desire- this is the place for you! My team and I are looking forward to our stay!”

Antonia Silver

Personal Trainer

Giving Back…

We all can make a difference for animals in our everyday lives, whether it’s by adopting a pet, choosing clean and safe products that have not been tested on animals or eating a kind diet. Everything we do or don’t do has an impact.

That is why we have decided that everyone staying at Sano Bay Resort will impact animals in a positive manner! Each stay at Sano Bay Resort will have 20% of the total price donated to Tina Jo’s Promise Equine Rescue.

Not only will you have a memorable experience at Sano Bay Resort, you will have left a footprint on the heart of these animals, many of whom have faced unspeakable cruelties.

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